Leitores de video para mac

VLC Media Player
Um programa de vídeo dedicado ao formato MKV para ver filmes e séries

Then you can watch them on your appletv. The video simply needs to be demuxed and remuxed into an M4V. In the Preferences you can also set it to reencode the audio to 5. I came here to recommend Movist as well. However, even with Movist installed, I also install Perian to handle all manner of files. This allows Movist to open a variety of files with the Quicktime playback system which in turn allows adjustments to playback speed, which is make-or-break for me. I wholeheartedly agree, MPlayerX is very good. Hard to beat. Name required. Mail will not be published required.

Codecs para QuickTime - Perian

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1. MX Player

VLC Media Player can play any video or audio format, including. Máxima compatibilidad para tus DivX, aún teniendo los codecs instalados con Quicktime no. As we see it the best media player for Mac should be able to play any movies or videos with crisp and clear image and should be easy to.

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DivX Accelerated

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Movavi Media Player for Mac

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Whether playing movies, installing software, or backing up files on the go, Transcend's slim portable DVD writer is the perfect companion for today's thin-and-light laptops, netbooks, and Ultrabooks.

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