Mac change hostname in terminal

Locking Your Mac OS X Hostname

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For defaults , in Terminal type:.

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One of these interfaces will be for the Wi-Fi port the other for the Ethernet port. Which interface is used for which port is decided by your Mac and which interface has your network IP address is ultimately determined by if your Mac connects to your Network wirelessly or by Ethernet.

For scutil , in Terminal type:. For hostname , in Terminal type:. The -f flag is optional as this is the default behaviour for the hostname command.

Set Hostname in OS X from the Terminal

The value of HostName and LocalHostName are often the same, but they should not be confused as they can also be different. You should change this value accordingly before using the code.

How To Change A Mac’s Computer Name And Host Name With Terminal

Table of Contents 1. Displaying the Bonjour Name 2.


Sep 23, The hostname present in the Mac System Preferences is different to the you need to change the fully qualified hostname of the workstation. sudo scutil --set HostName name-you-want HostName The name associated with hostname(1) and . in Terminal to change the name.

Displaying the IP Address 4.