Samsung galaxy note 2 not connecting to mac

How to Connect Samsung Galaxy Note II Mobile with PC

Samsung Galaxy smartphones are the most popular Android phones, maybe you encounter the connection issues when try to connect your Galaxy phone to your computer. It is the best way to transfer large files between your Android phone and your computer because this is the fastest way to do so.

To connect your Samsung Galaxy phone to your computer as mass storage device, you should do as below. Touch Connect Storage to PC. Plug the supplied USB cable into your computer and connect it to your Galaxy phone. Touch Turn on USB storage.

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I decided at this point to attempt Bluetooth, so I went to the top of the samsung screen, and enabled Bluetooth USB cable still connected. At that point, the Samsung phone asked me if I wanted to mount the phone for storage transfer to the "PC". I hit mount, and it appeared on the Mac. The problem appears to be a Galaxy issue. Not sure why enabling bluetooth brought up the mount option, but that is what we have been missing. Aug 12, 3: Nov 25, I bought a Galaxy Note 2 days ago.

It was recognised. After unplugging my mac Book won't recognized again, even I had set the phone back to factory default settings. I also tried your method and the Bluetooth does not recognize the USB. I don't have a micro card in the unit. Nov 27, I had a similar issue with a usb jump drive when I was running VMWare fusion. I ejected the usb drive from VMWare and then forgot to eject from the iMac itself, and from that point on the iMac would not recognize the drive properly.

Connecting galaxy note II to macbook

I completely powered down the iMac, removed all the power sources, waited 60 seconds for all the caps in the computer to discharge and powered it back up. I can't explain why it worked, it seems a little "black magic" to me, but you may try if nothing else works.

Fix Android File Transfer Could Not Connect to Device

Hope you find the above tutorial useful. In fact, I came here a few minutes ago looking for the answer myself, but stumbled on it by accident. Android Apps and Games. There a few ways you can use your Galaxy Note II to transfer files wirelessly. I am having a difficult time trying to transfer photos as well.

Nov 27, 8: I am also a Macuser and very happy with the Galaxy S, much better than a certain Apple-madeunit that can't make phone calls! I do not "sync" with the phone asexperience of bilateral data transfer is usually a disaster waiting to happen,and you will not know what has been lost until you need it. For example, youcreate a new record on the device, and it is there not on the Mac. Should iSyncthen remove it off the device lose the data to match the records on the Mac?

Thank you for your feedback!

Nov 17, FAQ for Samsung Phone & Tablet. Find more about 'When I try to connect my Galaxy device to Mac PC, it is not recognized.' with Samsung. It will say no android device found, can't connect to android device, etc. and unlocking developer options, I still cannot get my macbook to recognize my Samsung Note 5. I have tried 2 different Samsung cables in 2 different usb ports and still nothing. . By miss_vickies in forum Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Although the answer is clear in theory, some "sync" softwares tend toget confused. For the Address Book, I do the following: Save to the Desktop to make it easier. For Notes and stuff, I keep a text file on theMac. This can be edited and sent to the phone in the same way. On the phone, Ican edit it and pull it back the same way such as with new contact names readyto put it the Mac.

Connect Galaxy phone to PC in MTP

Similarly, for database stuff, I keep themaster on the Mac and "print to pdf" from the Print dialog box. I have an page PDFwith 3 records per page. It can search all pages for some text in about 5seconds to reach the th page which is fast enough for my daily use and a lotquicker than trying to do SQL dumps etc. Have not tried the iCal export but presume itwould follow the same process.

Fix Android File Transfer Could Not Connect to Device

Export from iCal as a vCal file, send to phone,and import into Calendar? This may sound cumbersome, but it keeps datasafe, easily backed-up on your Mac, and it is a lot easier once you are used toit. If it was more complex, I would have created an AppleScript to do the gruntwork. It is actually easier to do it just from the above steps. Hope it helps, and from what I gather, you andI are the only Mac people here!

KiesAir on your phone alows you to download onto your mac. I'm using the Galazy Note and it is working for me. Nov 30, Just tried the link and that doesn't work!

How to Connect Galaxy Note 2 with PC or Mac via Kies

Safari just says it can't connect to the server. My case: Tried Kies Air over wifi and it connected perfectly to my Macbook Pro the first time, excatly how it should.

SInce then, I've upgraded to the latest Android version 2. Jan 1, 4: Good news! I have had the same problems with trying to get the photos from my samsung fascinate to my macbook pro. Using the Bluetooth pair the phone and the mac.

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Click Share and choose bluetooth. Then from your mac it will ask if you want to accept these files. The pics went to my download folder, imported them into iphone and whala! I have been working on this forever and am so excited to finally figure it out!

Connect your Note 2 to Mac OSX | AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note II

Hope it helps all of you. Jan 21, 7: I have been able to do it via bluetooth on my Macbook Pro, but not iMac. Same issue as many others. It will show you when you are connected, in the panel on the left.

How to Sync iPhone with Galaxy Note 2/3/4 on Mac, Copy Data from iPhone to Samsung Note 2 on Mac?

Once connected, click on Pictures, which will show all of the photos on your phone. Even though it is a Mac, click Save to PC.