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Mac Cursor disappeared in high resolution monitor? Here is a quick fix.

This makes the cursor temporarily bigger to help you spot it. Is this trick not working for you? There, select the Shake mouse pointer to locate checkbox. Have specific types of data, such as presentations, disappeared from Spotlight results? You might have disabled their display at some point. Then you most likely disabled Spotlight suggestions in keeping with the instructions. There, go through the list of data types available and select or deselect the relevant checkboxes to toggle their visibility as needed.

If your apps are still missing from the search results, you might have to rebuild the Spotlight index Can't Find Mac Apps in Spotlight?


Here's the Fix Searching for something on your Mac and find that Spotlight is bringing up nonsense? Here's how to rebuild your Spotlight index and make search work properly. Read More.


Is your mouse cursor randomly disappearing in High Sierra? Here are a few things you can try to fix it If you've recently updated to High. Resolving the Mystery of a Disappearing Mouse Cursor in Mac OS X. An easy fix to keep working on a laptop is to close the laptop for a.

Both technical glitches and user errors play a part in system malfunctions. Disappearing onscreen elements are a common occurrence. And now you know where to look to restore such lost items on your Mac. But you can retrieve lost data if you have the right data recovery software for your Mac. After learning how to bring back items that often disappear from your screen, how about trying the opposite?

Let's go through every corner of your Mac and hide all of the stuff you don't need. Read More for improved productivity. Explore more about: Mac Customization , Mac Tips. Your email address will not be published. Top Deals. Something Disappeared From Your Mac? How to Restore 7 Common Items.

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It returns by pressing left cursor. I've tried the macOS accessibility options to no avail, and also fiddled with the Scrivener block insertion width similarly negative results.

How to Hide or Show the Mac's Dock

Scrivener is the only app with this problem that I've found. Others include: textedit, Pages, textpad, typora, Notes, and a few others. Contact RHvdG. Website Twitter. Quote Wed Sep 26, am Post On my installation, the insertion point disappears only in the Composition mode, and only after a carriage return.

As soon as I start typing the new paragraph, it reappears. I am using and greatly benefiting from a non-blinking, somewhat fatter 3 pt insertion point in Composition mode only. Using macOS I have to rephrase this: the insertion point in Compose mode also disappears after a space, and after every second character I type.

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Doing a PhD on Hegel, using Scrivener. Contact KB. Personally I'm not seeing what you two are seeing - I'm not seeing the insertion point disappearing while typing, or on every second letter in Compose - but it does disappear completely when I hit backspace to delete several return characters.

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No mouse required! Thanks for sharing your experience and tips! February 13, at am. It goes away easily enough but is very annoying. An easy fix to keep working on a laptop is to close the laptop for a moment then open it back up.

I reported this to Apple at the beginning of August bug ID In September they closed it as a duplicate of a report they received much later, bizarrely bug ID , and it was not fixed for release - unsurprising, as Apple cares little for TextKit and rarely fixes bugs reports related to it in time for release. I have implemented a dirty workaround for 3.

2. The Menu Bar

I don't get the problem in TextEdit. Anyway, I just created a new project with the Novel template and loaded that saved preference preset. The cursor problem is not present in the new project. Edit: If I now switch to my preferences saved this morning , the cursor problem reappears.

Edit: For me, the problem appears to be caused by the Disable insertion point blinking preferences. Last edited by auxbuss on Wed Sep 26, am, edited 1 time in total. Quote Wed Sep 26, am Post It happens further up in the text as well. Quote Wed Sep 26, am Post So, my workaround for now is to uncheck Disable insertion point blinking in preferences and use the below commands found here.

Quote Wed Sep 26, am Post Ah, right, yes.

You'll see problems with both "Disable insertion point blinking" and "Use block insertion point".