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When you connect your MacBook to a secondary display, such as a projector or an external monitor, the secondary display starts out in extended desktop mode. Tennyson, Andrew. Skip to main content. Video The recommended steps are in text format below, but if you prefer to watch a video of the steps then click one of the links below Mac Video PC Video Step 1: Setting up your system preferences. David says:.

The variable can be deleted with sudo nvram -d boot-args. Plug your MacBook into an external power supply. Plug your external monitor in. Plug your keyboard and mouse in. Press any key on your external keyboard. You can now use your external screen without your internal screen being activated".

I am also in exactly the same situation and looking for such a solution. So far no luck. However, a workaround is to mirror the external display with the macbook, then press F1 till the screen's back light turns off. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. How to disable the Macbook internal display and only use the external display on Snow Leopard?

How to change the mirrored desktop on a multi-monitor setup

Ask Question. This really does just equate to turning off your MBP display--assuming the display settings for the projector are the way you want them. There is a key for that. January 5, at am.

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June 9, at pm. How to Connect a Mac to a TV says:. April 28, at pm. Biev says:.

Two External Monitors on a MacBook Pro

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Dommi says:. June 16, at pm. February 13, at pm. Stephen Elliot says:. December 28, at pm. June 1, at pm. Presentation tools and tips Janos Binder's Site says:. October 23, at am. Jmac says:. September 9, at pm. August 14, at pm. August 9, at pm. August 7, at pm. May 19, at pm. Paul W says:. Note: you can also press F7 to toggle display modes between extended desktop and mirrored.

The icon with two overlapping rectangles on the F7 key are there to remind you. All I see on my projector screen is my desktop background. Where are my icons and my dock? Nothing is wrong. The MacBook is using your projector as a secondary display. My program starts in 3 minutes. What do I do?

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