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You can do so by creating an aggregate or multi-output device that will treat two or more of these separate physical interfaces as a single virtual one. With multiple output channels available, you can use this panel to assign them to your various speakers.

Adding Audio from your Computer

Aggregate devices support input and output, while Multi-Output devices support output only. You can then select it to see a list of the available interfaces that can be included in the aggregate device. With your Aggregate or Multi-Output device configured, you can select it for use either as the main system audio device, or for use in specific programs such as GarageBand. Whether you are using those devices separately or in aggregate configurations, your Mac will likely have more than one channel available for input and output.

When you select an audio device, or expand an aggregate device to select a sub-device included in it, you should see a list of its supported channels in the right pane. You can use the sliders to change the relative volume of each of these channels and balance them as you wish. You can also change channel assignments for the speakers you have configured.

Sound menu and System Preferences

Roughly the same thing can be done on Windows Vista, 7 and 8, but not earlier versions of Windows. In such a case, select the device from the column on the left and use its volume control to change the volume. Clock source: "Default" does not exist. Open SnagIt. Click on the Apple logo at the top-left corner of your screen and select System Preferences.

When you select a device that supports audio output, you can click the Configure Speakers button at the bottom-right of the Audio MIDI Setup window, and then choose from either Stereo or several types of Multichannel speaker setups, some of which may be available as configuration options for your system. This will add a new device to the left column. Select it and the pane on the right will list all the audio devices that are connected to your system. Check the box next to each device you want to output sound to.

Next, open the Clock Source dropdown and select one of the audio output devices. You can change the order of these devices. Move the device that you select as the Clock Source to the very end.

How To Setup Multiple Audio Devices on a Mac

The speaker in question is both an input and an output device and in order to add it, I had to select all instances of it. Watch away. Note that you won't be able to adjust ouput volume from Macbook any more, instead volume is adjusted individually at each headphone, which is pretty neat.

After that they should both be connected with no problems. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Friendly Fanatic.